Release Notes

Here's a list of the fixes and features incorporated into TouchFS as its development has progressed:

  • Updated for iPhone OS 3.1
  • Added URL download support. Enter a URL, or copy one from another application and TouchFS can download it.
  • Improved support for Leopard and Snow Leopard's Finder WebDAV client
  • Added support for rtf files
  • Added support for iWork '09 flat file format
  • Added quick scrolling slider for PDF and Office documents
  • PDF and Office viewer remembers/restores previous document position
  • TouchFS disables sleep when the WebDAV server is running
  • Added Unicode (UTF8) filename support (Files like "Gøød Fîlénåmë.pdf" work)
  • Added Keynote document viewer (when saved w/preview)
  • Added ability to delete files from within TouchFS
  • Fixed port option being ignored. Port can only be changed when the TouchFS server is OFF, but will now work.
  • Added Office document viewers (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Added iWork document viewers (Numbers & Pages when saved w/preview)
  • Fixed case-sensitive file extensions. Viewable files are now viewable regardless of file extension case.