TouchFS allows you to store files on your iPhone or iPod Touch via WiFi, by turning your iPhone OS device into a WebDAV server. Check it out in the iTunes App Store


  • Store and view files on your iPhone or iPod Touch:
    Copy files from your computer directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch. View many file types directly on your device.
  • Copy/Paste or enter a URL and TouchFS will download the file to your iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Easy to connect to:
    Use most any WebDAV client to connect through WiFi on Mac OS X, Linux or even Windows.

View TouchFS Documentation


Groupify enhances the standard Contacts application by allowing you to create/delete contact groups, and move contacts into and out of existing groups. Check it out on the iTunes App Store.


  • Flexible navigation:
    Select a group, and choose which contacts are members, or select a contact and choose which groups that contact is part of.
  • Search large contact lists:
    Searches both first and last name.
  • Respects your settings:
    Contact list sorting/display order respects global device preferences you've already set.

Tip And Tax

Tip And Tax is a tip calculator that takes your tax rate into account–it won't calculate tip on the tax added to your bill. Check it out on the iTunes App Store.


  • Don't tip on the tax:
    Tip 'N Tax will calculate a tip on your bill before taxes so you don't tip on the tax.
  • No typing required:
    Slide to choose a tip percentage, and roll through bill amounts.
  • Split the tab:
    If you are dining with friends, Tip 'N Tax will divide the final amount owed among everyone in your party.
  • Tip already included?:
    If your bill already includes the gratuity, tap the "Tip Included" button on the main screen and Tip 'N Tax will switch to a simplified view and won't perform any tax calculations.