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Tips Specifically For TouchFS...

A few questions and issues came up when TouchFS was originally released. This page captures those details. If you need assistance connecting to TouchFS however, there's step by step instructions complete w/screenshots available for all major operating systems (OS X, Linux and Windows) in the TouchFS documentation.

Some quick points to note:

  • WiFi is required in order to store files on your iPhone or iPod Touch. If you do not have access to WiFi, you will not be able to put files on your device, in which case, TouchFS will not be of much use to you. I've updated the iTunes description to this effect.
  • If your iPhone shows an IP address of in the TouchFS Options screen, that usually means it's not connected to a WiFi connection, and is instead using the cellular network.
    A cellular connection will not work w/TouchFS. Another visual indicator if what type of network your iPhone is connected to will be displayed on the status bar from the iPhone Home screen. You'll see a small "E" if you're using the Edge cellular network, or a WiFi symbol if you're connected via WiFi.
  • In the UI of TouchFS, where it mentions "Server" and "Device", that's referring to your iPhone or iPod Touch. (We got sick of typing iPhone or iPod Touch all the time, and let's face it, that's just too wordy on a small screen)
  • Web browser based viewing/downloading is available in the current version. Uploading will not work until the next update comes out in a few weeks. If nothing else, opening a TouchFS address in your web browser will show you if your computer can at least see your "device" on the network.
  • On OS X, if you connect, but don't see a drive icon on your desktop, look at the General tab of the Finder Preferences and make sure "Connected Servers" is checked.

Windows XP Home Edition Workaround

(a.k.a. "Thanks for the 1001 editions, Microsoft")
The following was provided by one of our users:

There seems to be a small bug in the Windows XP Home way of doing the WebDAV. I had to temporarily disable the "Web Client" Service, then add the "My Network Places" link, and then re-enable the "Web Client" service. Here is the Microsoft knowledge article about it.;en-us;298353

You could also install the Software Update for Web Folders from Microsoft detailed in the following Vista section. This Microsoft patch applies to all versions of Windows, XP included. Continue reading for more details...

Windows XP and Vista Assitance

The following information has been provided by a Windows Vista user:

I found that with the initial setup of connecting the drive (even with Vista service pack 1 installed) I would get an error similar to "The folder you entered does not appear to be valid. Please choose another."
I needed to install the Software Update for Web Folders patch from Microsoft. that can be found at this location.

Once the above patch is installed, Vista users are reporting success, following these steps:

  1. Select "Computer" in windows explorer.
  2. Click "Map network drive" at the top
  3. In the dialog popup, click the bottom link "Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures"
  4. In new dialog popup window, click "next", then click "Choose a custom network location" - next ->
  5. Type in your ipod touch location,, click next

Your iPod Touch should now be added as a webdrive in windows explorer.

3rd Party Tools Available for Windows

We've received feedback that the free AnyClient utility allows you to connect to TouchFS on Vista as well. (When choosing to connect via WebDAV, AnyClient disables the Port text field. Make sure you enter it in the URL like so:

WebDrive for Vista (which is not free unfortunately) has also been confirmed to connect to TouchFS perfectly.

We'll be reviewing this information this week and will post a good connection FAQ complete w/screenshots.

Linux using Konqueror

To connect to TouchFS w/Konqueror, make sure you use a webdav URL and NOT an http url. Use the url displayed on the TouchFS Options screen, but replace http:// with webdav:// like so: