What Is TouchFS?

TouchFS™ turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless thumb drive, allowing you to transfer files from your PC or Mac to it. TouchFS makes this easy. Once your computer connects to your iPhone running TouchFS, you can simply drag and drop any files to it—you can treat your iPhone or iPod Touch like an external network drive.

TouchFS does this by running a WebDAV server on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can then use your computer's built-in WebDAV connection features to connect to it and transfer files back and forth.

Once your files are transfered to your iPhone, you'll be able to browse through them and even view some of them directly on the screen. Imagine copying the latest sales report to your iPod Touch and bringing it on the road with you without having to lug around your laptop. Imagine copying the latest web site design to your iPhone and showing it to a client in the palm of your hand.