How To Connect From OS X

First, ensure the TouchFS server is switched ON in the Options screen and make note of the URL or address displayed there. You'll need to enter this complete URL on your computer in the next step.

To make your first connection easier, turn the Authentication option OFF.

Next, choose Go | Connect to Server... from the Finder, and enter the connection URL in the Server Address field. (That's the address of your iPhone or iPod Touch–the address displayed on the TouchFS Options screen above)

Make sure the URL you type in begins with http://, otherwise the Finder will not know how to connect to your iPhone. Also, make sure you include the port number at the end of the URL, otherwise, again, no connection will be possible.

If you have authentication turned off, TouchFS will prompt you to accept the incoming connection from your computer. Touch Yes to allow your computer to connect.

If you have authentication turned on instead, your computer will prompt you for a username and password. Enter the same values you have set in the TouchFS Options screen.

Once connected, you'll see a new drive on your desktop labeled with your iPhone's IP address. If your Finder preferences disallow network drives from appearing on your desktop, you'll see the new drive in the sidebar of any Finder window instead–in the Shared section.